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Friday 07/07/2023

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Boat trip from Vilvoorde, straight through Brussels to the inclined plane of Ronquières. A shorter boat trip to or from Halle is also possible! Return by our bus (to Halle), bike and public transport.

When Jacques Brel sang about the canal in his native Brussels in the early 1960s, there was very little beauty to be seen. Since then, however, much water has flowed under the bridges and today the canal is a 'blue ribbon' between new urban neighbourhoods and the Green Belt.

Sign up for this varied excursion from the northern to the southern Green Belt and on to Ronquières! From Vilvoorde we sail across the Brussels region, through the port of Brussels and the rural Zenne Valley to the bottom of the inclined plane of Ronquières. From the first row, you will experience passage through several locks, including the big ships lock of Ittre.

As we approach the inclined plane at the end of the cruise, you will have a great view on this impressive nautical construction (in hydraulic language we also speak of nautical 'works of art').

Embarkation for this trip is possible in Vilvoorde, Brussels (at quay de Heembeekkaai or quay des Péniches), Anderlecht (at Digue du canal or quay de Veeweide), in Ruisbroek at 'De Molens' (S-P-L), Beersel/Lot and Halle. Disembarkation at the bottom of Ronquières.
A shortened (morning) boat trip between Vilvoorde and Halle or a shortened (afternoon) boat trip between Beersel or Halle and Ronquières is also possible.

For the return from Ronquières, we provide transport up to Halle (station). From Halle station, scheduled buses of De Lijn and TEC depart, as well as frequent train connections to Brussels, Vilvoorde and elsewhere. Return with your own bike is also possible.
For your train journey, use the Key card (Local Multi) and travel from Halle for 2.90 € to any station in Brussels and the nearby municipalities:

Catering on board

Would you like to eat something during your tourist boat trip?
We offer a number of catering options.
Reservation in advance is required.

Have a look at our beverage lists:
>> Beverage list for DE ARK and VIVALDI
>> Beverage list for MOZART, VERDI and KATIMA

If you wish to eat something on board on a tourist trip, it's possible:
>> Tasty and budget-friendly meals on DE ARK and VIVALDI
>> Tasty and budget-friendly meals on MOZART and VERDI

Shared meals that require special equipment (cool box, large packaging, plate and cutlery) are not allowed on board.
Bringing your own sandwich is allowed. Beverage must be purchased on board.

Our ships

The Rivertours ships can welcome 30 to 300 guests for an event, a party, an excursion,... Each ship has its own atmosphere, setting and décor and is equipped with a bar, as well as audio and multimedia equipment. We set out from various embarkation points, with or without catering.









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